Gift Card for 200€

It is understandable, that it is quite easy to gift yourself the perfect Christmas gift, but to choose one, which will be a perfect fit for someone else - is a true challenge! That is why MUGEN created gift cards, that will be hand written for each individual case, using Japanese paper, which almost feels like textile. That kind of subtle gift - is a warm and cozy touch to Japanese fashion culture and traditions.

Gift cards are valid for half a year (6 months) from the date of purchase.

If you wish to use a gift card you have in our shop at Raguvos g. 9-1, Kaunas, it is mandatory to have it with you and provide it to us. If you want to use your gift card while shopping on our online store, please contact us by phone: +37069937779

You control the written name of the person you wish to gift this card and the sum you wish to gift - when you put this item to the cart, please write the name of the person in the section "Additional information". If you want to gift a unique sum, which you do not see online, please contact us by phone: +37069937779 or at our shop Raguvos g. 9-1, Kaunas.