Terms & Conditions

  • "mugen" sends goods all over Lithuania and abroad.
  • After receiving payment for the goods, ”mugen” takes responsibility to ship the goods within 1-3 working days.
  • “mugen” takes responsibility to send the tracking number to the customer within 1-2 days after shipment.
  • The customer takes responsibility to tell the correct information for the place of delivery of the goods and the person who will accept the goods.
  • The customer must immediately inform “mugen” by e-mail (info@mugen.lt) or phone (869937779) if the parcel is delivered in a damaged package or the product has been received damaged in any way.
  • Payment method "1" for the item: payment by transfer to the Seller's bank account. 
  • Payment method "2" for the item: payment through the online system "PayPal".

Return policy

  •         Returns take place in accordance with 2014 July 22th By Government Resolution no. 738 Retail Trade Rules of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • The buyer who wants to return the item has to inform about the return by email (info@mugen.lt) or by phone (869937779).
  • The returned item must be purchased not earlier than 14 days ago and must be fully completed. You are responsible for the complete packing of the item. If the item is not fully assembled and properly packaged, we or our representative will not accept the return of the item.
  • The item must be returned in the package in which it was delivered. Packaging must be intact, clean, properly prepared.
  • You can return the item for free at our store (Raguvos g. 9-1, Kaunas, Lithuania).
  • You will bear the costs of returning the product, except when the good is returned due to the poor quality of the product (be sure to let us know by e-mail: info@mugen.lt or phone: 869937779).
  • When returning a defective product, We take responsibility to take the defective product and replace it with an analogous product. In the event we do not have an analogous product, we will refund the money you have paid for the item.
  • The Seller returns the sums paid by the same payment method (by forwarding the payment to the Buyer’s bank account).
  • When returning the goods, the Customer must send them to the address provided by “mugen” and with registration and a tracking number. If the customer returns the goods without registration and tracking number, only half of the order amount will be returned. The buyer pays for returning the goods.
  • The money is returned to the customer only after the product has been returned and received by “mugen”.
  •               You are solely responsible for the correctness of the data contained in the registration form. If you do not provide accurate data on the registration form, we are not responsible for any consequences arising therefrom.
  •               You are responsible for the actions taken through the e-shop.
  • Import and custom taxes are not included to the final price at check out. These taxes may occur when shipping outside the EU and are the customer's responsibility.