DI SER perfume "Kyara"

Kyara - Kyara is the name of one of the fragrant woods used in Kōdō (incense burning). In Japan, for more than 1000 years, it has been considered to have the finest aroma. 1 gram of Kyara costs about 500 euros and a kilogram would cost millions. Kyara is the most expensive fragrance substance in the world! Using the scent DI SER have distilled themselves from Kyara, this perfume represents the traditional culture and depth of Japan.

Kyara perfume has a Tsuzure Ori (Nail Weaving) bag and a Japanese Kiri wood box. 

Perfumer: Yasuyuki Shinohara

Extrait de parfum (Eau de Parfum)

Volume: 33ml

Kyara  Notes:

Kyara grade agarwood, cedarwood, rose otto, patchouli, sandalwood