"Portaille" sandals

Portaille – handmade Japanese footwear.

Ryosuke Ofuchi, the main designer who creates footwear under the name PORTAILLE, hopes that the customer who puts on these shoes not only will be happy every time with their comfort, but also surprised by the uniqueness of the leather when they touch them.

According to Ryosuke Ofuchi, the footwear uses leather "scars" or the natural texture that the vast majority of shoe manufacturers avoid or do not use at all.

In other words, PORTAILLE utilizes every centimeter of leather with the entire existing history of the leather. Therefore, the roughness of the leather can be unevenly distributed both on a single pair of shoes and or on different pairs of shoes. In this way, the skin, as a living organism, expresses its individuality, and the shoes - their uniqueness. Such "imperfections" seem to become the signature of only that one pair of shoes!


Sandal material:

Cow leather / Cow leather sole