"ROGGYKEI" dress

ROGGYKEI is a trademark of two talented Japanese designers whose clothes are beloved by such world famous people as Lady Gaga or Mayor of Osaka City Yoshimura. These clothes are complicated by their structures, which represent the highest fashion avant-garde, but at the same time, these models are applied in everyday life.

Their unique sleeves cut in a semicircle and intricately “build in  to” the garment have become a sort of ROGGYKEI busness card. There is no doubt that the owner of such  garment must be a true PERSONALITY: bold, interesting, acting something exclusive.

ROGGYKEI are clothes that do not belong to time and fashion. As if they were classic, but with a sense of originality. They would like to shocked as pure avant-garde, but when you look close, you see them radiate a new aesthetic, which is combined with comfort and sophisticated quality.

ROGGYKEI designers and founders HITOSHI KOROGI and KEIKO MIYAKOSHI name their creative concept in a simple way: "Clothes as accessories - accessories as clothes!" Worn together they become whole and co-exist.

Dress material:

100% - hemp