women's "ANTIPAST" socks AM-785

ANTIPAST - Japanese trademark was introduced in 1992, created by Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato. The word "antipasto", translated from Italian, means "before the meal" - an introductory snack followed by the main dish. Just like the Italian antipasto gets your appetite going, waiting for a delicious dinner, the ANTIPAST brand is "inspiration for fashion" - so it is described by the creators. On the other hand, the brand name "anti-past" also symbolizes originality, creativity, fresh ideas and excitement, waiting for something new and unexperienced!



Only high-quality and natural materials are used in innovative production. A lot of attention is paid to handwork. Designers’ priority is human comfort and the new sense of wearing clothes that is why the main focus is on comfort.


Sock material:

85% - Cotton

15% - Nylon


Color: Ivory
Size: 36-40