HORISAKI head wear. What Japanese designer Makoto and his Swedish wife Karin can make with their own hands in this creative category can be called true masterpieces!

These creators merge Japanese and Swedish design, drawing inspiration from the nature surrounding them. HORISAKI selects the highest quality materials and processes them with various experimental techniques, such as burning, which has already become their distinguishing feature – signature effect. Hats are handmade by the designers and the process of creating one hat can take up to a few weeks.

Also a special highlight is that all HORISAKI hats are one universal size and adapt to the head with the help of a wide elastic and soft rubber band.

Today, fans of the HORISAKI family’s hats have become the famous Lady Gaga, actor Don Johnson and other world-class stars as well as Japanese brand DETAJ designer Takayoshi Yamanami. Also HORISAKI hats are a lot of the times a perfect finishing point to a Yohji Yamamoto’s clothing lines outfit.

Hat material:
100% - Toquilla straw

One Size