"INJIRI" dress

Injiri's clothing is exclusively created by hand, by the best Indian textile masters, from fabric weaving with hand tools, to careful dyeing to final sewing. Every craftsman, that puts his hands on  Injiri garments, uses old inherent traditions in his process. Thus the garment tells a unique story about India, the peculiarities of its textile creation and the people who created it.

India has for centuries been renowned for producing top quality textiles. Injiri in its native language means India. It is a historical word to describe the colorful chequered fabric that was intensively exported from South India to West Africa in the 18th century.

Injiri's creators are inspired by both the outermost regions of India and the diverse ethnic cultures around the world. Injiri's clothes are distinguished by simplicity, earthliness and authenticity, giving respect for slow handwork, local cultures and traditions.

Dress material:

100% - Wool

The dress has pockets.